Social Dialogue to Enhance an Integrated Welfare System through Social Investment

on Thursday, 16 October 2014. Posted in Materials

Pillar 2 of the project Economic Democracy in the EU Semester. Making Employee Participation Boosting Economic Growth

This document is the basis for a discussion amongst different stakeholders that will gather on July 1st in Milan. The meeting is one of the outputs of a EU funded project on social dialogue that aims at enhancing economic democracy (and, in particular, employees participation) as a tool to boost European economy.

Contents: Background - Innovative welfare scheme within public-private partnership (PPP)Definition of best practices and criteria for identificationOriginal experiences of corporate welfareOriginal experiences of territorial welfare- Original experiences of social business in welfare services - A case from UK- A case from France Framing a model that leverage social dialogue as a mean to enhance new integrative welfare schemes.

Authors: Davide Dal Maso, Giovanni Pizzochero and Emma Sarti, Avanzi sostenibilità per Azioni Walter Kahlenborn, Adelphi Research