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Social Dialogue to Enhance an Integrated Welfare System through Social Investment

on Thursday, 16 October 2014. Posted in Materials

Pillar 2 of the project Economic Democracy in the EU Semester. Making Employee Participation Boosting Economic Growth

This document is the basis for a discussion amongst different stakeholders that will gather on July 1st in Milan. The meeting is one of the outputs of a EU funded project on social dialogue that aims at enhancing economic democracy (and, in particular, employees participation) as a tool to boost European economy.

Contents: Background - Innovative welfare scheme within public-private partnership (PPP)Definition of best practices and criteria for identificationOriginal experiences of corporate welfareOriginal experiences of territorial welfare- Original experiences of social business in welfare services - A case from UK- A case from France Framing a model that leverage social dialogue as a mean to enhance new integrative welfare schemes.

Authors: Davide Dal Maso, Giovanni Pizzochero and Emma Sarti, Avanzi sostenibilità per Azioni Walter Kahlenborn, Adelphi Research


Social Enterprises

Additional Contribution from Adelphi.

Which kind of welfare was in place in these countries traditionally? Which changes have welfare policy frameworks undergone in recent years with regard to social services? The paper will first look at the privatization of social services during the economic crisis.It focuses on the different policy initiatives to support social businesses.


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